Justin Jefferson: “Embarrassing” loss to Cowboys was “a lesson learned”

The Vikings followed a regular-season win for the ages with the worst home loss in decades.

Meeting with reporters on Monday, star receiver Justin Jefferson called the 40-3 loss to the Cowboys “embarrassing” and a “disaster all around” and “it happens . . . we’re human beings” and a “lesson learned.”

The lesson was, as Jefferson sees it, to get the ball out faster. “I wish we had adjusted faster throughout the game,” Jefferson said.

The bad news, or maybe it’s good news depending on how it goes, is that the Vikings will quickly be back on the horse after suffering the worst home defeat since the Kennedy administration.

The bad news comes from the fact that they won’t have left tackle Christian Darrisaw, who suffered a concussion during the game, his second in two Sundays. They’ll need to do everything better and faster against the Patriots, who have a defense good enough to shut down the Vikings’ offense.

Still, Jefferson said he’s glad the Vikings have a chance to get the bad taste out of their mouth, with a short-week game. And he’s right — as long as the bad taste isn’t replaced by an even worse one.

Jefferson also said something that coach Kevin O’Connell said on Sunday and that other players have mentioned since the game ended. The Vikings are “still 8-2.”

That’s not the way to think of it, if they want to avoid saying, come Thursday night and Friday, that they’re “still 8-3.” The better thing to say would be, “We’re 0-1 and just got beat by 37 points and may have been exposed as frauds and what are we going to do to avoid giving critics more ammunition to say, ‘Yep, they’re frauds’?”

It’s not as concise as “still 8-2,” but you get the point.