VCT Game Changers 2022: KRÜ Fem and FENNEL Female are the first to be knocked out

X10 Sapphire and Guild X move on to the lower quarterfinals.

The third day of VCT Game Changers saw the first two matches of the lower brackets played. The four teams were eliminated from the upper quarterfinals and will now battle each other to see which two teams will be the first ones to pack their bags for home.

KRÜ FemvsX10 Sapphire

The meeting between South America and Southeast Asia started on Breeze, where KRÜ Fem started strong in the first half gaining eight points by round 9. X10 did steal some points away, but by the end of the first half, KRÜ Fem is ahead by four points. The second half saw X10 mount an opposition campaign to catch up. The Southeast Asians tried to collect the needed points, but KRÜ Fem was easily a couple of steps ahead and ended the match in round 22, 13-9.

Spurred by the loss they saw on the first map, X10 Sapphire rose in the second map, Haven, and took control of it from minute one. KRÜ tried to catch up, but X10 ended the first half with a massive four-point lead. The second half then saw X10 easily disarming most of the stakes planted by KRÜ and helped them to end the map by round 19, with a score of 13-6.

The last map was Fracture, and here is where X10 again showed their tenacity and overwhelming want to stay in the competition. The first half saw X10 easily dominating KRÜ, ending with again a four-point advantage before the swap-over. In the second half, X10 went on a disarming spree, taking down most of the stakes that were planted by KRÜ to end the map by round 20, winning it with a score of 13-7.

Guild XvsFENNEL Female

Europe met up with Asia in the match between Guild X and FENNEL Female. The series began on Pearl where Guild X took control of the narrative easily from FENNEL. No quarters were given as Guild ended the first half with a six-point advantage. The advantage was enough to be a moral booster for Guild as they easily collected the needed wins in the second half, and not giving FENNEL any chance to score. The map ended by round 16 with a score of 13-3.

Haven was basically a repeat of the previous map, as Guild again easily controlled the pace of the map and while the points advantage was not as big as the previous map, Guild ended the first half with a four-point lead. It just took them five rounds in the second half to win, ending the match in round 18 with an ending score of 13-5.

KRU Fem and FENNEL Female are the first two teams eliminated from the VCT Game Changers. X10 Sapphire and Guild X live to battle another day as they play in the following matches later:

Shopify Rebellion GCvsX10 Sapphire
Cloud9 WhitevsGuild X